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I finally finished my 9 person digital cartoon project for a NY school spring play called “Noises Off.”

In this plot for Noises Off, it plays on the concept of a play within a play, in this case a dreadful sex comedy titled Nothing On—the type of play in which young girls run about in their underwear, old men drop their trousers, and many doors continually open and shut. Sounds interesting, right? I will have to make note to try and see this play when on broadway or in Philly or Lancaster area.

My client did an EXCELLENT job by sending me a pdf file with photos of every character’s pose, close-up facial expressions, close-up hair photos and clothing description (if the character was not pictured in their complete outfit), along with notes about each character. This detailed pdf file made my job much easier and I give my client a HUGE THANK YOU!!

I emailed the file to my client for review and here is what he said,
“The kids look outrageous! Really, Really Awesome. Thanks So Much…”

A job like this can equal to quite a few gigs(without the travel expense)! 🙂

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