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Well, I knew this day would come, where I took my favorite camera along to an event WITHOUT AN SD CARD INSIDE!

It was after prom night for a West Chester High School and I took photos of my funny caricatures that I drew all through the night (5 hours) and little did I know that I left my SD card in my iMac computer at home. Yes, every time I took a photo, I heard the beep from my camera. I thought it was the batteries going low, but it was a message saying “No Batteries!” Take a gander, below.
My husband, Scott, is calling me a “Ninny” again (short for nincompoop). 😀

Oh well, no photos of my fun caricature couples, however, I managed to take some earlier photos from my iPhone 4 of the school’s “Out of this World,” decorated Hollywood theme AND entertainment from Animated Airheads, a digital, dancing-head video fun! Scott and our good friend, Frank Fabrizio, brought this entertainment for the students to enjoy their fun after prom hours.

More events coming up quickly so stay tuned for some “CARICATURE” photos. 🙂

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