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Last night I had the remarkable opportunity to entertain with my pen at an all-night party for a legion of students.

After rolling in my ‘secret agent transformer’ case and my ‘TreaselTM‘ (my custom tripod easel), I setup next to several other fun artists from the Philadelphia area, including John, Pat, and Emily. The four of us also worked alongside several other artists from outside the Philly area.

The students were laughing very loudly throughout the night and into the morning as we all turned the students into cartoons. You can seen some of my samples below.

One response to “NJ All Night Party!”

  1. Spriggle says:

    It was a lot of fun working next to you Angie, as always! You had some hilarious work spewing outta your pen that night – i really love the last 3 you posted here – great likenesses and character design!