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Last week, I was flown into Vegas for the third time this year for the Big Cisco Live Convention, to digitally entertain for my new client, Lancope. This company had a clever ninja theme, therefore, I designed a cartoon ninja to draw many of the guests who came to visit Lancope’s booth.

Lancope is a leader in security, network and application performance monitoring. They Accelerate troubleshooting, Optimize network performance, Make better network decisions, Avoid costly outrages and downtime. (Psst…I know a small company in Pottsville that could have used a company like Lancope.)

During my stay at the convention, I really enjoyed working with the whole Lancope team. They always had a smile on their face, are very hospitable, and they created a fun and relaxing atmosphere for many who stopped to visit their booth. Take a look at many fun photos of how I attracted many guests to Lancope’s booth area.

Also, I was never a huge fan of Vegas, since I do not care for large crowd clusters, loud music everywhere and gambling. However, my third visit to the city of entertainment this year was a much better one, when I found out a good friend and artist, Cathy McMillan (from Edmonton, Canada), was entertaining live digital caricatures, too, at the Cisco Live, during the same week. We went out to dinner, shopped at a cool Spanish clothing store (thanks Cathy)and had fun girl chat. What a nice way to end my working week.

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