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This day happened to be a very hot day and my NYC event happened to be outside, under a large tent next to the river, with the company waiting for me to arrive and set up my FUN, Live Digital Caricatures. This corporate company had special games set up where each team wore a different color shirt and entered a competition. I was seeing red, yellow, green and blue all over the field. While each team competed, there was music blasting, tent with games and plenty of food and more. I was able to stay under a tent and entertain many of the guests, with drawing on my Cintiq tablet and creating fun cartoons for each person who craved to have a real caricature. The line never stopped and everyone was craving a funny cartoon to be able to hang the photo around their neck and later, receive the file for a cool avatar on Facebook, Twitter and more.
Below are a few fun guests having a good time showing off their cartoon.

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