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Lately, I created 2 designs and I’m working on a 3rd design of my idea for my plexy glass/cell cartoon designs.

Have you ever run into a person that is hard to buy a gift for Christmas, retirement, birthday or other?
THIS is THAT PERFECT GIFT for THAT person who has everything!

This type of design takes a little bit longer than creating a caricature image and involves more materials and art media.

As you can see below in the photos, the person is first created into my fun, award winning cartoon style, then the background theme is created for the theme and printed onto canvas, the top layer of the person is printed and painted carefully on plexy glass and/or mylar. All images are carefully aligned, and matted separately into a frame.

Pat Harringto has pink skin and he is an artist who draws very loose with scribbly lines. I kept my design pink with crazy designs and set my opacity low to make it lense dense so his front image can pop out.

The image of Obama is 3 layers, the backdrop with newpaper articles made into a colleague image, along with white house (for his teeth). Obama was painted on mylar and Obama’s teleprompter was painted faintly on the front glass and aligned and framed.

Please contact me, if interested in this unique creation at or call my studio at (215) 948-ARTS (2787) for information and price.

Pat Harrington cartoon design on plexy glass by angie Jordan
Obama illustration by Angie Jordan
Obama designed by Angie Jordan

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