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I just created 2 new websites, within a few months, but my live digital caricatures is my most recent and is still under construction (actually…both are being tankered with). Gee, can you tell the sites were designed by same artist? LOL!
Also, my video will be updated, as well, with my newest live digital samples and more, so I’m hoping to post this soon. However, I have a recent huge, heavy drawing project order this month, so I hope to keep up with my personal stuff,including website, while I have this project finished for Client’s deadline due date!

Enjoy my sites (click on link):

  • Angie Jordan
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  • Live Digital Cartoons!
  • 2 responses to “New Live Digital Caricature Website is here!”

    1. Gon says:

      Very clean and practical websites Angie, very good

    2. Angie says:

      Thanks Gon! I like clean websites, not too cluttered, or too much chaos going on!
      That was my plan, but I aim to do a bit more with both soon! I just hope I can find the time!