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I recently learned about a new coloring method when I was on my trip to Europe. I realize this method was
mentioned on the NCN forum in the past, but briefly. Jan I. and Marion (thank you) gave me the recipe for this, but
I added one ingredient to this recipe! I hope you like!

This method is stated below.
Feel free to comment with questions or other.

Here goes:

Things you need to buy or use for this better batter batch:
1- NeoColor II crayons (6 each) of the color you want or need (or you can mix colors)
2- Old Coffee Mug
3- Lock and Lock square plastic container
4- Gulf Wax
5- Hot pad
6- Microwave

Here are instructions:
Purchase the NeoColor II crayons at Dick Blick on line for $1.30 each. I recommend buying 6 each of the color you want or need. What’s great about this is you can mix the colors to create a color, so buy a mix if you’d like.
Here is the website:
Here is pic of the crayons:

Note: The color shown is not correct on DB site, so go to this website

(Here is pic:)


to find the right color and number, then go back to Dick Blick to order the correct matching color (only because the Neo’s are cheaper on DB).

Purchase a square bottom, (or close to) plastic small container.
Here is website for this :—006HMZHPL805-1184.html

Here is photo of containers:

Purchase Cooking wax at most large grocery stores:
Here is pic of Gulf Wax. You can find this in the cooking or spice section of store:

1-Peel the paper off the crayons you want to cook, whether you want to mix colors or keep all the same color crayons.
2-Break 6 crayons in pieces about 1 inch into old coffee mug
3-Cut about 1″ square chunk of Gulf wax and add
4-Microwave for up to 2 minutes, until all is very liquidy, stir with butter knife or other. Some may need more than 2 minutes to get liquidy. Feel free to add more pieces of Gulf Wax.
5- Use Hot pad to pick up hot coffee mug
6-Pour into small, plastic, rectangular container
7- Let sit until cooled off
8- Turn container over and tap out the colored block.
9- Cut with butter knife into 4 squares. (Save the other 3 for when you run out of color)
10- Use edge of square the same way you use art stix and smooth out the edge for coloring with a foam pad behind your drawing paper.

This coloring method was once mentioned (not to the fullest) on the NCN forum, but I took this
recipe given to me by Jan (Thank you Jan I. and Marion) and added my own ingredient to help cut the cost and simplify the mixture.

This method makes coloring easier to use than the art stix and other methods I tried, with adding deeper color, when being used.
It may not be for everyone and it does take some time to create a batch, but once you make the batch, you will not have to make any more for at least a year.

What are the benefits? It’s easier on the hands, softer and deeper in color.
Did you ever have to color outdoors when it was a bit chilly and you found your fingers hurting to grab the art stix?
People who have larger hands (like me) can hold the blocks easier. Also, if you color for many hours, the NeoII would be easier on your hands.
Also, you can mix any color to create your own color!

Disadvantages? The black crayon cannot be microwaved, so you need to use black marker or black artstix for this color. Also, I’m not sure how well these will work on a very hot outdoor climate. I’m guessing the color could go too soft, but I have yet to experience this during the summer season.
Since they are bigger blocks, you will need some type of case to store or carry them. I recommend keeping them separated (maybe cut paper between each) so colors do not rub up against each other.

WARNING! Do not cook the Black Crayon. It smokes and will set off your alarms and stink your kitchen for a long time. I know this from experience. (Sigh!) Yes, I know, I’m a “Ninny!” (short for nincompoop) LOL!

Here is a pic of a few NEO Color blocks when cut into pieces, before use. Each one shown is “one” out of 4 pieces from the same color block. I have other 3 stored until I need them.

Now, if you accomplished this, go out to your next coloring gig and have FUN! ENJOY!

2 responses to “New “Live” Coloring Method I’d like to share with artists!”

  1. Marion says:

    Hi Angie,
    Great tutorial!
    One thing though: Jan Ibelings and I use Neocolor I, not II.
    There is a big difference between the two, I is harder, less ‘fat’, if you know what I mean.
    I suggest you try number I as well, so you can decide for yourself which one is your favourite.
    (There are not as many colours, so you have to make mixtures more than with II)

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Marion! I did have the NEO I and NEO II.
    If I can buy them in separate colors, I will give this a go, too!
    I really prefer this way of coloring!!! I’m also adding
    some copic coloring on top, but not all the time!