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Our company, Digital Blacksmiths, has been busy creating a new service. For years, my partner, Scott Sullivan, has offered 3D animations for his clients.

Recently, he has been creating 2D “cell” animation featuring characters that we created for clients.

Cell animation is like the old Saturday morning cartoons we all used to watch as kids, while 3D animation is more like what is seen in a Pixar movie.

What’s great is that this blends everything I’ve learned doing character design, digital caricatures and live digital caricatures over the years with everything Scott has learned with 3D animations for Fortune 500 companies.

These digital cell animations are so popular these days with the rise of the Video Age. Think about it. So many people carry smartphones like the iPhone in their pocket to watch animations.

And even since I started drawing on the iPad last year this has been in our long term goal: offering custom cartoon animations for clients using their iPads or iPhones, or share their animation cartoons on Facebook and Youtube.

Larger companies and small businesses are also showing more and more of an interest in using these custom animations as a personal way to say hello to visitors to their websites.

This specific animation was for a client’s birthday for son, AJ. Our first step was a simple cartoon created from a photo given of the baby.

Next step, we created all the vector lines in our animation program to design the body, bedroom scene, along with color and then animate. Enjoy!

Very exciting news!!!!

For prices and information for your own custom animation cartoon, please contact Scott at 570-449-3043 or email us for rates and information at

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