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Here are some projects I created on my Cintiq Tablet at the Florida Caricature Convention. I did NOT like the way I did Marlos’ red hair, but I was running out of competition time and decided to work on other projects I found to have more personality and creativeness! Plus the colors did not match, when printed. Pretty drab looking, huh?… Oh well!
I could have made Court’s 5 o’clock shadow with an opacity solid grey, instead of the smudgy stippling.
My take on Tad, from using Painter, (a program I am still trying to learn and acomplish) was a different approach and I really like it!
Paul Gaunt loved my creative piece on him and he even explained as to why, in detail. People like Paul, who show much repect and appreciation for your hard work, are the ones who score high in my book, and I will remember this forever! Thanks Paul! You’re the man!!!
My composite is the one I worked on most, and I feel I should have separated everyone as a B&W piece, because I feel ALL that time and energy got lost with many judging eyes on competition day. You learn from all your mistakes. Better luck next time and BACK to the drawing board! ha ha
I had so much fun and this was my BEST convention, so far!!!

10 responses to “NCN of 2006”

  1. Pag says:

    wow! The Paul one looks awesome! I didn’t notice it on your wall before.

  2. Beth B says:

    On Marlo’s blog, she says, “I used to NEVER EVER remember new peoples’ names which made me feel like a rude bastard!”

    I commented,”Hey, Marlo, sounds like you need to do a little more than just remember peoples’ names in order NOT to be a “rude bastard.” How about trying not to insult people just to make yourself feel better for a start?” But apparently, SHE can’t deal with the thought of someone posting something rude because she moderates her comments. Well, at least she’ll read it before she DOESN’T allow it to be published.
    What a bitch.

    By the way, those are cool and unique drawings you did with that Cintiq thing…except that one of her, which was ok, but of course, I understand what you had to work with.

  3. angie says:

    I didn’t diss any artist and certainly didn’t mention the word “ALL.” Plus, I have not ever worked at a gig with you, Marlo. If you would have read my story correctly, you would have read that I dissed “FAST work,” even MY OWN FAST work. Many artists that I have seen draw sloppy fast work, including me, can knock out some very good pieces for studio or other types of work. It’s a rare occasion to see very fast good work, but it does and can happen! I do not doubt any talent or anyone. And I gave the question,,, fast food or gourmet, which do you prefer?

    Everyone has a right to their own views and opinions and I do not like or enjoy my work, when it’s crank time at gigs. If I’m instructed to draw fast, I will. I don’t have to like it.

    You would think, as a friend, that you would come to me with your problems and concerns, instead of passing info around immaturely.

    Since that blog was interpreted the incorrect way, was very misleading to a few, and it took one brave and responsible person to point this out to me at the convention, I decided to take this story off my blog.

    Now maybe we can move along peacefully and take more than just art lessons.

  4. angie says:

    Marlo Meekins has left a new comment on your post “NCN of 2006”:

    you should trade in your cintiq for some drawing lessons


    I know you deleted your own advice (copied above) from this morning’s post, but I’m holding onto the Cintiq since it’s getting so much use. Perhaps we could get together and learn some art lessons from each other!

    Glad we cleared the air!


  5. angie says:

    At 10/13/2006 4:28 PM Marlo Meekins has left a new comment:

    Angie didnt mind dissing all caricature artists in PA, including me, which she deleted.

    We could all use some drawing lessons.

    Not sure why you keep deleting all your posts, Marlo. I do agree with you that we can all keep learning and improve our artwork. There’s much to be said from learning from artists better than ourselves!


  6. Pag says:

    I thought Marlo was a friendly person; but this version of her appears to be “evil”:( There seemed to be a few people at the con had the same impression. PSSSSAWWW???

  7. Beth B says:

    Odd that this Marlo would make comments that you, Angie, need drawing lessons, then later misinterpret one of your blogs, which was YOUR opinion of how you see things, which is what a blog is for, after all, and then say that “We could all use some drawing lessons.”….??

    Yet, I have known Angie for 30 years and I haven’t heard her say this of anyone, LET ALONE post it on THEIR blog, and I haven’t seen it on Marlo’s…or did I miss it?
    Marlo, if there’s something you’d like to get off your chest, why don’t you just talk to Angie about it instead of this pettiness?

  8. Pag says:

    right on Beth!

  9. angie says:

    I read this saying from a poem that was recently emailed to me and I felt a need to post this message, for it has great meaning.

    “Should you find yourself the victim of other people’s bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities.
    Remember…things could be worse. You could be one of them!”

  10. Pag says:

    right on!