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Yesterday I was fortunate to have been invited to entertain at Natalie’s baptism. Her cute face was adorable to turn into a cartoon as her parents watched.

It is always a precious moment when a family baptizes their son or daughter, as it marks such an important moment in their life.

After entertaining with my fun drawings, I congratulated both parents before heading home from upstate New Jersey.

Coincidentally, this was at the same place my husband and I stopped while on our way home from a Live Digital Caricature event in Connecticut a few months ago. And later this week, I’ll be heading back to New Jersey for another caricature event! One of these days I’ll stop to catch my breath, but it might not be until next year at this pace!

2 responses to “Natalie’s Christening”

  1. You’re so busy Angie – quality work as always.
    Always a pleasure to ‘drop in’ and see what you’re up to ……

  2. Angie says:

    Hey thanks Terry! I hope to see you at convention soon!