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I really love some of these that I did this weekend and so did my victims! LOL!

3 responses to “My Weekend Crazy Sketches!”

  1. potentialclient says:

    One thing I notice about your work is that all of your subjects are “cheeky”. They all look alike to me. Sorry, but that’s my perception.

  2. Pag says:

    Gotta love the critics!

    Angie has her style and so does every other caricature artist out there. We’re not “clones” of each other, etc. If you think her style’s “cheeky”–then you should see mine!!

    Don’t let them get you down. See ya at the con:)

  3. Pag says:

    Of course they look “cheeky”. That’s what happens when you smile (for most people at least)