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I actually made plans for this special day (July 14th) and had to refuse any drawing events to enjoy my son’s 20th year celebration! We (Jt and I) made plans and went north of the mountain (Poconos) on a “The Great Train Robbery” ride in the town of Honesdale, Pa!
This was a 3.5 hour ride full of laughter and adventure, Mexicans trying to find the money on train, etc. while pulling into the town of Hawley, where my son and I decided to grab lunch at a FABULOUS Bistro named Torte Knox!
Later, we had planned to stay in a B&B place, but our plans fell thru (mainly because the owner of ranch “forgot” about our reservations and arrival time),so we stayed at a Radisson Hotel and enjoyed the rest of our evening plans. As you can see, we took other goofy fun photos.

Also, on the long ride north, I HAD to stop and take photos of the windfarm on the mountains. (it’s hard to see, but they are in the one photo above – click to make bigger) At my FT job, during day, at Engineer firm, I am currently drafting windfarm plans on the mountains in our local area, so seeing this was very exciting for me. I HAD to pull over and take photos, as my son complained! 🙂

What a fun weekend! It’s not often I take time off to enjoy…LIFE!!

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