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My pick for March happened to be Craig Rogalski from Perth, Scotland.

January 2009, I made a trip to Amsterdam for the Oosterbeek caricature convention and I had the pleasure of hanging out with Craig, Mike Carlon, Micky Tyke and more and hanging out with these guys never made me laugh so much.

At first, I took a look at Craig’s photos and thought he might be difficult to create a caricature. I then thought he resembled a chipmunk, so I went on Google and grabbed a photo of a chipmunk and placed it next to Craig’s photos and I was able to create a fun outline and then go to town!

Thank you for lending me your face Craigski!

Craig’s comment:
Angie, that my love, is freakin sweet!!! lol Many thanks again Angie, you’ve really made my day, I’m gonna hop now and tag my caricature!! Beautiful!

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One response to “My Featured Favorite Facebook Fan March Winner!”

  1. jan Neggers says:

    amazing work Angie.
    I love it !!!!!!!
    jan 🙂