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5+ years ago, I came up with a computer base comic idea and sketched out my character ideas and copyrighted them.
I then began working on some comic strips and story boards.
Last year I finally returned to work on my comics (with the little time I had from my extremely busy schedule), but I recently lost a few cartoons and strips when my Macbook crashed. Fortunately, I had sent some low rez files through my gmail to show family and friends, so I am upgrading my characters and strips, along with “making” time to work on my new strips and animation a little bit each week.
I thought it was time to “Show and Tell!”

The names of my characters are
JT (boy), Corky (pet ferret), Mona (female monitor), Dex (pointer), Sully (mouse), and Ike (icon).
I have 2 more characters that I am adding when I get into my storyboards and animation.

For now, I began uploading my strips on my website, but I will have more to come, as the weeks pass.
click here

Here is a teaser.

Feel free to check in with my Chips and see my latest updates.

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