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My good friend Zax emailed me this image this morning to tell me that Zach Sheib, winner of our Schuylkill County Idol last summer, put my caricature of him in the high school playbill.

Thanks Zax & Zach! Now back to another digital cartoon order that I will post later.

One response to “My Cartoon Displayed in a Playbill!”

  1. Zax ;D says:

    he won quite a few awards to. I think he won best male vocalist…It was a really good show…next time we have one if your interesting in coming I’ll have to email you some info 😉 Zack won’t be in them…he graduated this year…but you love theater so if you came out to the Valley the Fall Drama and Spring Musical might be a stop worth taking 😉 the cartoon made the playbill haha