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Another fun evening with my Live digital Caricatures and Cartoons with Philly theme.
A great thank you to all the people who helped organize and decorate so quickly
for the opening of this event.

Scott took this photo of me before I began.

With a Philly theme:

Here are some of the stages when a guest looks at their cartoon image for the first time.

2 responses to “More Live Digital Cartoons!”

  1. Keelan says:

    Your live digital setup is the best I’ve seen, Angie. Looks like you’re booking it a lot, too. It costs a good bit more to the client than “traditional”, right? It’s got to, with that huge display.

    Also, WHY does your Painter program look like Photoshop? The toolbar, the fact that you have color swatches at the side…. this looks like when I color in Photoshop (it’s hard to draw in that program, though.) I draw in Sketchbook, then take it to PS to color. Painter seems to “lag” behind my pen when I use it, and invariably freezes my puter after awhile. Ugh! (I’m on a PC with a good bit of memory…does it maybe work differently on a Mac?)

    Anyway, sorry for the questions, but like I said, your setup is the best I’ve seen with the digital.

  2. Angie says:

    Hi Keelan!

    Thanks for the compliment on my digital setup. I appreciate that.

    I’m not sure why your Painter lags and it could be a PC. I work with a Mac and
    Painter X. Sometimes Windows has memory conflicts and/or “leaks” and even though you’ve got a ton of memory, Windows might not be using it correctly. But I’m not sure if that is the issue. My Macbook is two or three years old (whenever the Intel ones came out) and handles Painter X smartly.

    But I do have Painter crash every once and awhile, so I’ve gotten into the habit of hitting “Apple-S” to save often.

    My marketing skills and connections seem to have worked and I’m booking the jobs. I guess its making the connections with people and having the word spread. I think this is one of those areas where artists all have their own way of doing things that work for them. I’m not the best marketer out there by far. I just do what I do. *grin*