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During my stay in Canada, Kelly and I planned to meet up with another Canadian artist, Cathy McMullin. On the way, we made a stop to visit the Lacombe Police. I am currently designing many cartoon characters for the station, so it was a pleasure to meet the faces that were behind many emails. Even the dog will be made into a cartoon character, too.

I really look forward to drawing many of the faces for their play cards, books and more. Thanks Nicole and Gary!

2 responses to “Meeting my Clients, the Lacombe Police!”

  1. laf says:

    I just visited your Facebook page and saw your caricatures of pets. They are really really well done. I’m sure the official mascot you are working on will look terrific.
    Keep on cartooning!

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks for the compliments about my pet caricatures and for the comment. It will be quite awhile until I get to their mascot cartoon. I have 10 people to create in a cartoon and then the mascot and other fun characters for the Lacombe Police.