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Robin William’s new show is called “Weapons of Self Destruction” and was just as hilarious as his “Robin William’s Live” video published in 2000. My son (JT) and I happily sat 3 rows back, in the Upper Darby Tower Theatre last week, and remained bug eyed to his 2 hour show, as we burst with tears of laughter! Robin is one of our (JT and I) favorite comedian of all time!

After the show and during our meeting with Robin, JT asked Robin if he could recite a line from Mrs Doubtfire (one of his favorite RW movies) and as he signed his photo, he said (in Mrs Doubtfire’s voice) “She lives within me my dear!”

I designed a caricature for Robin and surprised him with it and he said “Holy Sh*t! Look at that!”
I asked him to sign my matte board and he said “This is strange!” then wrote that same quote on my board and signed it.

Here is the caricature I designed for Robin Williams:

Here is his signature! 🙂

Here is JT’s iphone photo of the stage before the show:

Here is JT’s signed autograph:
Robing Williams Autograph

JT with Robin Williams:

Here are other celebrities I’ve met in my past, and was fortunate to have a photo taken.
Penn and Teller:

Copperfield (with Scott and friends):

I happen to have signed caricatures from Penn & Teller and Copperfield (even Rick Springfield, remember him?) but they are locked up in my photo albums and are put away as my old crappy work. 😀

A few years ago, during a gig at the Little League World Series, I also was fortunate enough to have drawn Kevin Costner’s family, while Costner and his family watched the ball game (Costner is a huge Little League supporter and often attends the games).

5 responses to “Meeting Robin Williams and other Celebrities!”

  1. Steve Hearn says:

    I am sooo jealous as I would give anything to see RW live! Great caricature and way to go on getting his autograph!

  2. Angie says:

    Ha ha! Yes, RW is a GREAT entertainer and so awesome to see him in action live!
    Maybe he will tour Europe soon! You must go, if so!

    This was my Christmas gift for my son! He told me I could never beat it!

  3. Linda says:

    Hey, awesome story and I LOVE the caricature.
    I attended the show in Philly same day you did and was only a few seats to the left from you. Having been to 15 RW shows by now, that one was absolute one that made it to the top-3, he was on fire that night!

    Hey, Robin just performed in Europe 1-2 weeks ago. I attended his London show and he was once again hilarious.
    Anyway, loved your story and feel free to browse around my RW fansite 😉

  4. Linda H says:

    I Love caricatures!! Good job on RW’s and thanks for sharing it with us. I did see his show in Ottawa last week, it was kick ass. Too bad I could not meet and greet with him, I just could not afford it. Your #1 fan in Ottawa. Come back soon Robin!!!!!
    xx Linda H

  5. Angie says:

    Hi both Lindas!

    Thank you for the wonderful compliments on my RW caricature!

    1st Linda, I will check out your site! Thanks for sharing!