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Here’s a quick little tip for caricature artists doing live events. In fact, I have been doing this for both Live Digital and Traditional Easel caricatures for years. I also posted this on the Digital Blacksmiths site.

When creating a caricature, many people also ask for my card because they love my cartoon style so much. So I started two little things I do for all events.

I create a custom design on the back of the caricatures and pre-print these ahead of time. Then every drawing I design has this information on the back of the picture.


Since I know how many I can do per hour, I know about how many papers to print prior to the event.

However, I also make several more on sticky mailing labels, so that if I am hired for overtime, I still have some I can add to the extra ones without wasting paper. This way we are marketing savvy AND environmentally green.

You can do them all on labels, and depending on the cardstock you may have to in order to prevent bleed through. I draw on a heavier stock of paper I custom order, so bleed through is not an issue for me.

Finally, when working for an agency, I change the contact information to the agent’s contact. Having a good rapport with agents is something that should be honored and treasured.

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