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This was an event I left early to get through the Baltimore city and unfortunately with 1 hour to start and only 1 mile away from my event location, I was trapped in non-moving traffic, due to the city closing down many roads for a race happening on this day. I called my client to warn them that it’s possible I might be late, though I made it, parked and set up with 2 minutes to spare. 🙂

This was a Madmen theme party, so I did my best to draw each person in my cartoon character way and added a touch of red to a few drawings.My client’s guests seem to be enjoying the evening and were excited to take home a gift worth hanging or keeping.

Afterwards, I had a tough time getting out of the city with all the roads being blocked. An iPhone is great for navigating and mapping routes, though it will NOT tell you what roads have been blocked by the city for that day. Fortunately, my husband came to my rescue and led me out of that city maze and I was home, safe and sound with my favorite loverly dog, Zoe!

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