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Lately, I have found some time to work on a project idea I had for quite some time. To begin, I recently designed a dog, (golden retriever), into my NEW Digital Retro Art Style.
Here is the image and how I would like the print to look if it were matted and framed on my wall.

Have you ever wanted to add a great Retro Style art to your wall or maybe you are looking for that PERFECT GIFT for that person who is hard-to-buy? Does that person own a pet or love retro style art?

Here is my new retro site: Angie’s Retro Art

As time allows in my schedule, I will be designing more images (other types of dogs, cats, ferrets, people, houses and more) to my Retro Art collection. Prices for you to order are coming soon.

You will have the choice to even customize the drawing you pick by adding a name and certain markings to a pet, person or other.
For example, Golden Retriever name is Charlie, has a white area on his chest.
Here is the same image customized just for you!

THANK YOU for stopping by to read and view my blog post! I look forward to adding more art to my collection that will definitely add style to your house decor!

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