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We just made a quick video from the pictures and a few of the drawings I designed while at the university’s Live Digital Caricature job in New England.

Hope you like!

[flv: 432 240]

3 responses to “Live Digital Video from New England Gig”

  1. Bernard says:

    Now that looked like fun! Which is exactly what I’m addicted to. For years I’ve tried to draw on a wacom with one hand while looking up at a monitor and for years I’ve given up and went back to the pencil/ink/scan and then click and color.

    But, imagining a Cintiq under a digital pen makes me think I should try once more…is the learning curve the same as the traditional pen tablet?

    Your -art pieces looked great in that video and no doubt lotsa fun was had by all.

    Thanks for Sharing,

  2. dave z says:

    how do you add the solid color background? is it with a layer mode? it interferes with the outline on mine. thanks, dz

  3. Angie says:

    Bernard, I know how you feel. I started with the Intuous and I’m so content with the Cintiq. Scott loves the intuous and now has the newest one.

    Dave, are you using programs like Corel Painter X or Photoshop?
    They are both layer programs and you can easily design your backgrounds.
    Making it solid is just picking a color and pouring the bucket on a layer.
    Is this what you mean?
    Good luck!