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It seems that things worked out perfectly this weekend. Not only did the snow fall early in the week so traffic was a breeze, but I had the great opportunity to bring my Live Digital Caricatures to what looks to be a new trend: distinguished house parties.

This party happened to be her twelfth birthday and everyone hung around watching me drawing on the Cintiq and the extra iMac screen.

I could continue about how much fun it was to be invited into this wonderful family’s home and be a guest of honor for a few hours. But I think pictures speak louder than words, so get ready for an onslaught!

First, here is a digital cartoon of the family, including their pet dogs.

After all girls were drawn into their theme choice, all 9 girls (one girl missing in photo) were put into one group drawing as a special gift for the birthday person to have for keeps! Happy Birthday Cela!

Update: My client left a comment;
I can’t say enough good things about Angie. She arrived over an hour early, she set up in small quaters and accomdated all of the kids at our daughter’s party. I knew we made the right decision when Angie was surrounded by 10 twelve year old girls waiting for their turn and she was just so nice to each one. She made each girl feel like they were the only one in the room.

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