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and in my sleep! 🙂
Again, not much time for photography, but I and a friend managed to take a few.
This seemed to be quite a long weekend, but a memorable one.

I performed color, B&W, few with pre-made bodies, couples and more.
Remember? These are “quick” color digital sketches, meaning no time for perfecting lines, coloring etc. I had long lines and I try my best to keep quality, but work fast!

2 responses to “Live Digital Caricatures/Cartoons in my travels…”

  1. Marion says:

    Very nice done!
    How many minutes for one caricature, and how many the whole day????

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Marion!

    For color, around 8-10 minutes a person. Overall, I never count, but with B&W and a touch of color in the background, I average roughly between 8 to 12 an hour and with full color 6-8 an hour.
    However, I just found shortcuts with many commands within my art software, and recently upgraded, so we’ll see if my time becomes more efficient at the next digital event!