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Another great time with Xerox!

My son and I just returned from Rochester, NY, from a fun Jazz Fest weekend and I had the pleasure of drawing and entertaining with my live digital caricatures with some of the same great Xerox team that I’ve enjoyed at other Xerox events in Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas. Rick, you Rock! 🙂

As I began to draw, I heard wonderful compliments from the guests and Xerox team that my art work is top of the line. Even at the end of the night, I had many of the Xerox team asking me to draw them, as well. What fun!
Take a look!

Rick had a boo boo on his nose, so I drew his fun cartoon!

Each night, I teamed up with other digital artists, Ty and Rob. We did not have a chance to draw side by side, though I had a chance to enjoy their company before starting each event.
Here are a couple photos I had a chance to snap while drawing my live digital caricatures and cartoons with Xerox.

Unfortunately, I missed good ole David Cowles’ visit to the jazz fest as he was set up at our hotel lobby at the Rochester Plaza hotel. He had a wall display of his jazz fest caricatures. Excellent work!

The next day before my trip home, my son and I visited the Seneca Park Zoo. Here are some more fun photos to share. We could NOT stop laughing at the photo of me with lion! My son said I just fit! 🙂

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