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I just got back from a two day trip to Connecticut. This trip up to New England was due to a Live Digital Caricature job for a university in Connecticut.

Due to the number of students and the fact that they wanted to feature us, the university and Scott (who’s running Digital Blacksmiths) decided it would be best to hire two digital artists due to the anticipated high demand for Live Digital Caricatures.

As it turned out, John and I kept the line moving at just the right pace and the student line wrapped behind both of us so they could watch while waiting.

It was crazy hearing some of them laughing and making comments as they waited for their own!

We drew for 4 hours and students further back watched the caricatures on the HDTV we brought. After a good night’s rest at a nearby Inn (thanks to the great hospitality of the university), we spent a few more hours in town the next morning for breakfast and then headed back to Pennsylvania.

We’ve had several questions in the past about our Live Digital, and as you can imagine, doing Live Digital is not as easy as some artists might normally think. The change from studio to live events throws a lot of variables into the mix. Even John admitted afterwards that he was very stressed and that it was different than he ever imagined, even with several weeks of preparation and insight from us. He was extremely grateful to have Scott as tech support and me as ‘art support’ help him through the event.

Everything at the University went so smoothly and the entire team at the Student Activities office was terrific. Thanks so much, Lisa, Amanda, and Greg, for going out of your way to make us feel so at home!

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