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Well, we just got back from Google! Scott and I were flown out to Google for my Live Digital Caricatures.

After setting up, we snapped a few pictures and talked with the other caricature artist, Doug, while enjoying the weather and coffee (I think Scott enjoyed the coffee a bit more than I did!) Once the crowd started to arrive, I powered back up and was off to work! Doug and I knew it would be a busy evening. We were told there would be around 7,000 attending!

During the gig, Scott also took some pictures of the event.

It was a great gig and we both were very thankful for Google flying us and hiring us for this gig. The client really loved my cartoon style and custom theme I designed for them. Between that and the digital setup, it was a perfect match.

The California weather was very nice for the majority of the day. As the evening crept up, the temperature sank and the breeze picked up a little, so I had to throw on a jacket!

We setup my 21″ Cintiq to the 60″ plasma display for the crowd to watch. So many of their designers kept asking about the Cintiq. As Scott and I discussed it with them, I think we sold many of them into buying one of their own!

After the gig, and catching a night of rest at the hotel, we spent some time taking in San Francisco. Scott posted several of the San Francisco pictures on his Flickr page along with the pictures below.

By the way, the astute of you may have noticed the design on the t-shirts that the Google employees had on matched the caricature I did in the last post before leaving for the gig. That color gradient grid was part of their ‘theme’ and is included on the poster in front of my digital setup.

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  1. Wow you were very fortunate here drawing for google and posting on google 🙂