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Entertaining as a Live Digital Caricature artist has many benefits. Sometimes it is seeing many parts of the country. I’ve been flown to Silicon Valley for parties, Georgia for corporate strategic brainstorming sessions, and Boston for engineering conference tradeshows. Sometimes it is being a part of a large event of friends and family, such as when I’ve entertained at weddings, anniversaries, and retirements.

But last night, I had the great privilege to have been a part of a very inspiring group of educators who flew in from across the country to our nation’s capitol. The stories these teachers shared with me were absolutely amazing and I feel lucky to have met such a large number of people who are shaping our next generation.

Adding to this was the venue; one of the newest convention centers in Washington, DC, situated right on the banks of the Potomic River. Out the windows, we could see the monuments of our capitol. Inside, I setup in a lobby overlooking a miniature village with real trees three levels below!

I’d also like to thank Tad for making this event happen, and John for being the other Live Digital Caricature artist (after all, there were over 1500 attendees to this conference!).

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