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I sure do love the town of Alexandria, Virginia. This is where I was hired to draw my fun digital caricatures, with a small company celebrating the holidays! I really love old colonial and Victorian homes and this town was filled with this old look, along with creative and good, quality food restaurants lined up downtown. Luckily, I arrived to my event early and was able to venture out to a nice cafe with homemade soups and sandwiches.

The room at a hotel that I was setting up for my Live Digital Caricature Entertainment was small, though I managed to fit into a corner, and the band (saxophones) were in the other corner.

Thirty minutes before I started, I had some technical issues (Yes,it happens!) and luckily, I solved this problem ten minutes before my time. Whew! Talk about a close call, though I always bring a back up plan, just in case!

I do my best to tell other artists, who are getting into the digital market entertainment, to make sure they understand technology hookups and loads of practice, before moving into this new world of art and technology. I’ve heard the horror stories of artist’s who were not prepared, so if you are a client looking for a digital artist for your next event, make sure to ask your artist how much experience and knowledge they have in this latest and new entertainment called Live Digital Caricatures!

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