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As soon as I got off the plane from my recent trip from Texas last week, I went straight home and got ready for a 4-hour Live Digital Caricature event with a company who loves to go all out.

They bring in a band, pig roast and prizes, every year. The guests really got excited to see my caricatures drawn on my large Cintiq (digital drawing) tablet.

In addition, they were able to watch on a giant screen which I brought in to project my caricatures onto, live.

During events like this, I normally keep pretty busy. And at this party, I glanced at the time, only to realize the party was soon over! Their personalities kept me entertained as I kept them entertained with the caricatures. While this did make the evening fly by, I realized afterwards that I had taken just 4 photos. But while the number of photos was small, the quality was bursting with laughter and fun!

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