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Early Monday morning brought me to the Philly airport to catch an early flight to Edmonton in Alberta, Canada on the West coast. I repeat… the WEST coast!
I’m finding myself in so many time zones lately, that I will have to purchase a watch that has each time zone. 🙂

On the way to the Philly airport at 3:30am, I hit a huge buck (deer) on Route 422!Yikes! Luckily, I braked hard and I slid into him, with only a hard tap to his big ole butt which made him roll. I believe he survived for there were no dents on my car, and I saw him scrambling to run again.

I arrived at Edmonton in the afternoon and Cathy (another fun caricaturist in Edmonton) was happy to give me a ride from the airport to my hotel at the Sandman along with having a late lunch together, before she started teaching her art classes. Thank you Cathy!

Afterwards, (evening time) I was brought to the event to entertain with a group of fun people for their appreciation day at the Park Lighting Company. My party guests were amazed to see the iPad for drawing digital party caricatures and only a few found out I was from Pennsylvania (another surprise!).

Next door to Park Lighting was a West World computer store that had many Mac and Apple computers. How convenient, right?

A HUGE THANK YOU to my clients for not only thinking, but actually bringing my fun iPad digital entertainment to Canada.

Here are some fun WEST coast photos!

And here is a fun cartoon that I drew on my iPad on the way to Edmonton (Guess who?)

And from a magazine on my way back to Philly!

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3 responses to “Lighting UP an Event with my iPad Caricatures!”

  1. Rob Guthrie says:

    Hey Angie: Glad to have you up in my neck of the woods again recently, hope you had a great time. One thing about your comment, Edmonton is not IN Calgary … Edmonton and Calgary are actually 2 different major cities in Alberta, about a 3 hour drive apart. Calgary has the bragging rights … But Edmonton is the best 😀

  2. Angie says:

    It’s been a long week and a tiring one! I meant to write Alberta, not Calgary! Thanks for clearing that error for me Rob and visiting my blog!

  3. These are great Angie! I’m debuting my iPad digital caricatures at a convention on December 5th. Wish me luck!