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Scott and I had a wonderful time in Philly, staying at Loews Hotel, dining out and attending the performance of a well-known play called “Les Miserables.” (a Christmas gift to us from relatives)
What a great story in this play!!!! I loved, loved loved it!
I absolutely was mesmerized by the lead actor, Jean Valjean, and his pure sounding voice!
He captured my attention every time he sang a note!
We downloaded the CD from Itunes (original cast from London), but I actually preferred the voice of the Jean Valjean in the Philly play, named Hugh Panero, more than the original singer on this CD.

Here are photos of the evening. It rained a bit and it was a hot and sweaty night, as you can tell in second photo.

The next day we took a walk through the park around the Tower of Liberty and then we attended a very good friend’s party in Jersey, and I drew a few cartoons for her guests, while Scott did a little strolling magic.


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  1. Gon says:

    Allways a pleasure to see your live work, very funny!