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Kualas, Kangaroos, and Caricatures 

Before going to Melbourne, I took two thirteen-hour flights from the U.S. to Sydney for a week of exploring and immersing myself in the Australian culture. I toured the famed Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Eye Tower, took a Day tour shuttle to the Three Sisters natural landmark, and later walked the streets at King’s Cross and climbed the Sydney Bridge. A new friend and professional contact, Cherie, drove me along the coast in her Mazda convertible before I flew off to Melbourne.

Once I was in Melbourne, I headed to the Windsor Hotel to check in and was very pleased to discover that I had been upgraded to the Prince Albert Suite. I even had a chance to connect with an old and dear caricature friend, Anthony Pascoe, whom I’ve been connected since 2006 at an national caricature convention.

Sue, a friend of many, came to drive me round the city and took me to Bairnsdale to meet her friends and share stories over tea and salad roll. Besides being acquainted to many Aussie friends, Sue took me to Raymond Island to see the Kuala bears, pelicans, even a Kookaburro and later at Eagle Point I saw the kangaroos hopping around by the lake. I was so glad to be there and I really appreciated the kindness and hospitality of the Australian people, including my good friend Sue.


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