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What a night of karaoke at the friendliest bar around! Cindy’s Rusty Nail in Palmerton, Pa! Bob and Cindy run and own the bar/restaurant. THIS is the place to be on Friday and Sat night to sing your lil heart out. If you can’t sing, just watch and enjoy the show with the friendly gang around you! This place clings on to you like a disposable fragrant sheet in your dryer! 🙂
On Friday, I finally pushed myself out to see Craig and Tammi, the KJ’s I’ve known for a long time and started my singing career. ha ha
Sorry guys, for hurting your ears back in those days of my embarressing off-key attempts to so many of your tunes.
BUT….TODAY…with 10 yrs of practice under my belt, along with 3 years of classical training, (not to mention a few months singing with a band, too) my voice has really come along way. And I owe much of this to Craig and Tammy, who helped me during my virgin karaoke years! hee hee – Thank you guys!
Also, while singing and chatting, I found time to doodle at the bar! There will be more nights of this! What a night and with GREAT people!
You guys are the best!

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  1. Steve says:

    ahhhh kareoke, what fond memories huh!