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Below is a poster I quickly designed (yes, it was and is meant to be bubblegum-ish) for the new Junior Idol show which starts tonight!

I will be “Judge Jordan” again, along with 2 other wonderful judges, (Jeff Buchanan and Kim Seibert) for the next 4 weeks, every Tuesday night.

As I expected with young talent, we have a count of 66 contestants trying out this evening.
Look out! It’s going to be one loooong night!

My husband Scott, (ALSO an EXCELLENT MC), will be running the show.

The winner receives a Special Caricature Package designed by me, along with a $1000 shopping spree, Regis Makeover and Free BonTon gift..


2 responses to “Junior Idol Show!”

  1. Kelly Gannon says:

    Nice design Angie! I like it! ps…am I too old to enter?????

  2. Angie says:

    We are BOTH too old to enter Junior and the other (age16-29), but there ARE
    Senior Idol shows around, or should I say Senior CITIZENS. har har

    Thanks Kelly!