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His name rings a bell! 🙂 Jordan’s mother sent me a photo to create a digital graduation cartoon for Jordan and to my surprise, she made a poster out of it right where I was to set up to draw for Jordan’s party guests..
Here is a photo! (Notice my new tripod easel set-up! I call it my “TREASELTM!” -Thank you Scott)
digital graduation cartoon designed by Angie Jordan
The family and guests were fun and appreciative of my talent. Thank you Tracy and Congratulations Jordan! Good luck with college!

Here is my quick black line art cartoon style

2 responses to “Jordan’s Graduation Party”

  1. yet again..brilliant live work Angie !….The poster is awesome too.. great use of colours.

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Anthony! The poster was a surprise, but I did suggest this to my client with the digital file I sent her.