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Warning! Warning! December 1st means it’s time to continue with my annual (could it be 8th?) Christmas Cards design and this year’s design is back from the local printer and going out tomorrow morning!

Above is a collage of designs from previous years (in fact, check out last year’s card!)and this year’s is up front and center! I’ll post a full size version of this year’s card (and the inside punch line) after the real ones get delivered.

Yippee! I spent quite a number of hours designing this one and finished it over the weekend!
(Revised a small bit late last night after my gig)!
As I said, they are finished today at the printers and delivery is coming to your door very soon!

If you are not on my “Naughty” list (hint), you may not receive one, so if you have an interest, throw me an email ( with your name and address and I’ll be sure to send my card your way (and get you off the “Naughty” list!)

I noticed several artist friends are getting into this Christmas habit. That’s very cool and I look forward to seeing theirs!

Ho-Ho-Ho! Enjoy and have a wonderful December month!

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