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I happen to work with a guy at our office that looks like Fred Flintstone.
I was the first to tell him this, years ago, and now the poor guy has a new nickname.

I happen to be his Secret Santa (and our party is today), so I created his own Caveman cartoon.
Since we have been working on a huge wind farm project, I had to create this into his blueprint.

My luck, I ran out of matte/with frames and only had a few shadow boxes left, so I did a pop-out of his cartoon and added 2b stone (my genius husband’s idea). I took the stone from our driveway and surrounded the bottom part of cartoon in the box.

Pretty KEWL, if you ask me!

Digital Cartoon by Angie Jordan

Here is Fred’s mug-~wink!

Here is the photo of final gift with black frame.
Shadow Box cartoon by Angie Jordan

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