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Back on the plane to Vegas and wrap up the convention for the International Society of Caricature Artists:

Once I landed in Vegas, it was time to ramp up my drawing to overdrive as I worked to create several caricatures of my colleagues. What is extremely fun about drawing at these conventions is the ability to feed off the creative energy of a room full of international artists.

At these conventions, artists have much more creative liberty that they are able to take since so many artists love it when they are distorted and their faces “pushed” beyond the norm.

Its a place to experiment among peers and push what we can do, push our creativity and have fun, all while learning a wealth of information.

At the end of the week, these international artists vote for the artwork they love the most. I’m humbled and honored that one of my pieces received enough votes to win third place for “Best Studio” piece.

Here is my winning piece:

I went to the convention wanting to do acrylic paintings and I found (to me) that acrylics took longer than I thought, so I decided to go back to my digital designs. I had many crashing issues with my computer and I lost a few hours with one of my drawings. Therefore, I brought out my back up and I was able to knock out 6 digital fun caricatures in UNDER 20 hours. Not an award winning wall, but not bad for a fast creation with lack of sleep and changing to 3 different time zones in as many days

Here is my wall,

Here are some more photos of the fun at a caricature convention.

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