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I am finally catching up on sleep from a long week at the Sandusky, Ohio convention.

I met many of my new friends/artists from phone/email connections, like Wade Collins, Deb Donnelly, Kelly Gannon, Beejay Hawn and Schay Glover. I also met a new friend/artist at the convention, Kira Layli, and had a great time hanging out and drawing beside her. She has a great cartoony style and I believe she will go far with her talents.

I also had the pleasure of meeting all the MAD artists who came to do a presentation and later hung with many of the convention artists. (Psst- I was having a very flat hair day in those photos- Argh!)

I brought my Cintiq Digital set-up and decided to draw digital cartoons while at the convention. I started with Kira (she loves and has a pet rat), Debi (Irish artist wearing her unique hat), Roger (flirting with the art gals- what else?…~wink), Patrick who “digs” doodling-lol, Marlo (illustrating some misbehaving happenings during the convention, which really was unnecessary with her great talent), Kelly Gannon (Canadian-a last minute down to the wire drawing, but I really wanted to draw my art buddy) and of course a little fun cartoon of my dear ole hubby, Scott. Scott’s cartoon was doodled with colored pencils and Copics. The rest was digital and printed on canvas.

Approximately 200-230 artists competing and I was very fortunate to win 2nd place for Outstanding Digital Technique.

A HUGE thanks goes out to all the artists who supported and voted for me and many who purchased our book called, “Byting into Live Digital Caricatures”

Here are some exciting photos, but I hope to post more when I get hold of Scott’s camera. 🙂

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