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It was an exciting event under the outdoor tent during the Irish Terrier Club of America event last night.
I had the pleasure of drawing owners with their cute little IT’s into my fun color cartoon style.

Many guests were lining up to watch and receive one of my color cartoons.
A few guests traveled from a great distance with their pet terriers, like Canada and western states.

Many had told me they would like to have me back for next year, so I hope to be a part of this great group again.
Thank you again Rose!

I had my iphone to take pics once again (I left my camera with my son-Argh!). The photos shown are a bit grainy, and I only had time to take a few. I was THAT busy and I wanted to make sure I could fit many guests so they can take a cartoon home with them to hang on their wall.

I absolutely adore drawing pets, especially dogs, and I have another winter season doing this with Santa’s Pet Day in December at our local mall.

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    Really interesting post. I’ll visit more often.