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It was a nice sunny day to head to the Virginia Gold Cup horse race on Saturday. Thousands of people, cars and hundreds of tents lined up for a fun and exciting time at the race. One of those tents belonged to my client who decided to bring my iPad Digital Caricatures to entertain his guests at this race.

Since there was no electricity at all tent sites, I only brought one source of entertainment, my iPad and my iFaraday stylus pen. No paper trail, no printer and/or electronic flat panel show, just my iPad. All the images I created at the event, were emailed to my client so he can reach out and say thank you to each guest that attended his event.

I was tickled to see many of the ladies wearing their dresses and hats as they strutted around the race area and/or to their company tent. Even some of the men wore hats and smoked their stogies.

I set up under my client’s tent and enjoyed many of the guests, with or without hats, who sat in my chair to have a fun cartoon on my iPad. What an enjoyable day and my first experience at a fun horse race. Thanks Brad!

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