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Another iPad Caricature event, held at the Reading Market in Philadelphia for a grand Bat Mitzvah. The evening was filled with entertainers and over 100 guests to enjoy all the activities and refreshments.

My client requested B&W digital caricatures to have more of the party guests drawn. My iPad hooked up to our flat panel TV to give the crowd a show and we printed a 4×6 photo print of each caricature so the guests can take the fun of the party home with them.

Here are a few pics to show the set-up and the fun with my LIVE Digital iPad Caricatures.

3 responses to “iPad Caricatures goes to Market!”

  1. really impressive Caricatures Angie. I have my first ever digital gig comming up so for inspiration I’ve been spending a bit of time looking at your work and how you go about it

  2. These are awesome Angie! What are you using to attach your iPad to your monitor (and printer? Wireless?).

  3. Angie says:

    Thanks Anthony and Scott!

    Good luck Anthony on your first digital. My first one was a bit stressful.

    Scott, you will have to contact Scott for iPad info.