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Last night was a wedding celebration and the mother of the bride thought my iPad caricatures would bring lots of FUN to her daughter’s special wedding reception day. Well…it actually became a big hit as many were drawn during our strolling cocktail hour, and later, many lined up to be drawn by 2 fun Professionals and Experienced Digital Caricature Divas! 😀

The compliments were flying left and right! A few thought the caricatures were created by a photo taken, then altered, though once these few saw us in action, along with watching all the steps viewing my flat panel screen next to me, then you heard comments like, “It takes much talent to be able to see a person and draw them into a computer by hand!”

YES! Digital Caricatures is all about drawing a person into a computer program, BY HAND, just like drawing traditionally on paper, BY HAND! The only difference from drawing on paper is an artist requires many years of training in the caricature field, many years of training on computers, learning everything about a GOOD drawing computer program(s) and understanding TROUBLESHOOTING and TECHNOLOGY!!!

Congratulation goes out to Susan and Mike and GOD bless them on their journey together until death do they part!

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