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How cool when I heard from another caricature artist that this month’s Wired magazine mentioned my name. Wired had done an article about facial recognition and used caricature artists to illustrate how the brain “sees” faces.

Wired had asked me to participate and draw the subject (with iPad), Ben Austen, and mentioned that my art would be shown in the table of contents. I’ve been featured in other magazines before and I know all too well that there are always last minute photo and text edits to articles all the time.

When I picked up a copy of the magazine, sure enough, I was mentioned in the article, along with other award winning caricature artists who were interviewed during last year’s International Society of Caricature Artists convention.

In addition to myself, the other digital artists featured in the article were Court Jones, Jason Seiler, and good friend Roger Hurtado.

Unfortunately, due to last minutes editorial alterations to this caricature article, my caricature of Ben was not displayed in the magazine. Oh well, at least my name was still mentioned in the article. Thanks Anna and Ben!

Congratulations to all of my artist friends and I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of the magazine for a great read on facial recognition!

Below was my quick take on Ben’s fun cartoon likeness.

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