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It’s that time of year, again, and Scott and I are a part of our 5th year County Idol contest at our local mall. Scott is our infamous MC and I am one out of 3 judges (Judge Jordan)-hee! The competition will continue throughout this month, but we have some pretty decent tune blowers!

Right before the competition tonight, I doodled Scott with my pen and decided to scan and color it just now. This took me 2 minutes to draw in pen and about 15-20 minutes to color in Painter tonight!
Whever I go, I just can’t stop doodling!
Ok…back to the drawing board now!

One response to “Idol Contest Time”

  1. Steve says:

    Looking great Angie! A really wonderful caricature of Scott! Hey, please post your set up in painter, brushes or pens? Layers? Canvas size? etc etc etc, would be very interesting to know how you work in painter! Keep up the excellent work honey!