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Last night I had the pleasure of being the entertainment for a small holiday house party located near Hershey, Pa. This lovely house warming party brought in well dressed caterers (loved their crab cakes), delightful Christmas music, along with fun party guests, with many being doctors and architect as a profession.

I had so much fun entertaining for 3 hours and having nice conversation with the guests as I drew them into my fun color caricature style. I even drew a christmas tree with presents for display and my client’s children from photos, since few were in college or away and could not make the party. My client was thrilled that I could do this for her.
Here are few party guests to view!

3 responses to “House Doctors Late Holiday Party!”

  1. Zach says:

    wow looks like the drawing gods were with your that night! These are some of your best party drawings yet!

  2. Angie says:

    Ha ha-I felt good last night and ready to draw!
    Thanks Zach! I’m off to another event today, so hopefully the drawing gods will be with me again. lol. I Will post tomorrow.

  3. Mike Newsome says:

    Angie, love these, nice work! Love your cartoony style, I shoot to draw this style in my gigs. You really have some nice work here, and great likeness.