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It was a very hot and sunny day in Lancaster last week, and yet another year of fun drawing the college students at HACC campus! Every HACC festival, I return and many of the students remember me and can’t wait to receive another fun and silly caricature!

Since it was so hot, the Henna tattoo artists shared the tent with me, and with 3 artists under a pop-up tent, it was hard to keep in the shade. We all managed somehow, because NO artist can work in the sun!

YES, No Artist SHOULD work under direct sunlight and every client should learn about this important matter, when hiring a caricature artist!

Five major things CAN or WILL go wrong when working under direct sunlight…
1- SUNBURN, past 30 minutes (and I have sensitive skin – sunscreen won’t work past 1 hour),
2- Blindness – bright reflection of sun hits off our white paper and into our eyes,
3- Our guests, who we are drawing in the chair, squint or don’t even open their eyes. Would you want to be drawn this way?
4- Our media melts in the sun – some markers have trouble with flow of ink and color stix melt away in hot weather
5- Poor weather conditions causes poor work (could slow us down) – It’s simply uncomfortable! Don’t you get tired and sleepy when you are too hot? Think about it!!

Two things I’ve learned on this day. 1- Henna paint does NOT melt in extreme hot weather! 2- Bring my own tent next year! 🙂

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