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It was Pet night with Santa and it was crowded for the first week.

This is a time when an artist needs to get in a mind set to draw all kinds of moving shapes and angles, along with 4 legs, instead of 2. 🙂
Before a pet event, I need to brush up and practice or I will struggle. Drawing pets is like firing at a moving target. It’s not easy! At times I find myself struggling when I haven’t drawn pets for awhile, but then it all comes back to me.
I try to take that picture/image in my head and hold it for longer than usual and then scribble it out doing my best to keep the proportions correct in a cartoon “animal” format.
(Same with live digital. It is so different from traditional paper caricatures. You need to keep practicing and drawing and get in a mind set for that particular task!)

For Pet night, I had my new pet “Zoe” have his first photo with Santa (Get this… Santa is actually my SS teacher from 7th grade- his beard is real, too… Isn’t he great?! :))

Here is Zoe and a few pet cartoons throughout the night. Enjoy!

Surprise! I even had a skunk! This one threw me off of my doggie-style thoughts. I did my best but now that I look at my drawing, I think it looks more like road kill! 🙂

2 responses to “Ho Ho pHOtos & toons!”

  1. Kelly Gannon says:

    Wow…that’s a talent not everyone can do Angie…Great job!

  2. Angie says:

    Thanks Kelly! It is a “ruff” job! 🙂